A Wind Chime Garden/ Arouse your Senses!

A Wind Chime Garden/ Arouse your Senses! By Glenn Mast

Throughout history wind chimes have been used for a variety of uses. According to ancient folklore, hanging wind chimes over your doorway would keep evil spirits away. Today, homeowners can keep negative energy at bay as well as add visual charm to their surroundings while relaxing to the soothing sounds of a wind chime garden.

Wind chimes will add a pleasant little touch to any outdoor area. The gentle music they make when the wind hits them just right is very melodic. The sounds produced by wind chimes vary based on the design and the type of material that makes up the chimes.

A wind chime garden can be created in any size surrounding. Whether you live out in the country and have extensive space, or you live in a smaller area, you can create your own personal and unique wind chime garden.

When hung outside, wind chimes can provide a wonderful addition to any landscape. Select a location that will not interfere with the mood you wish to set in order to receive the maximum benefits.

In a flower garden, they provide a welcome enhancement to water features as well as accessorizing walkways and entry ways. Also producing a number of benefits; including visual and auditory, for a soothing and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors, there is virtually no limit to the ways in which you can enhance your outdoor living areas with wind chimes.

If you happen to enjoy integrating sound into your outdoors, a wind chime garden might be very appealing. Set your already beautiful view to music by carefully selecting a variety of wind chimes to compliment your garden area. The true beauty of a wind chime garden is that you can design it according to your own wishes and desires.

Why not incorporate smell and even landscaping into your wind chime garden as well? Add some comfortable seating to create an outdoor room. Place your garden near the main seating area to provide soothing background music while you entertain or simply gaze up at the stars. Introduce elements along with your chimes into your garden, which will arouse the senses. By lighting a large candle or burning a fire in an outdoor fire pit, you can create a romantic atmosphere that will be relaxing and intriguing.

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