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Home Herb Gardens – “Aesthetic value to your indoor garden” by: Glenn Mast

Home herb Gardens are becoming one of the most preferred methods of having herbs to use in cooking and for aromatherapy. Herbs not only look lovely in your garden but the aromatic smell of these herbs makes a refreshing aroma in the kitchen if you wish to grow windowsill herbs. It is important to have an herb garden planter in your home so that it can add an aesthetic value to your indoor garden.

Fresh herbs make a delicious ingredient in all your dishes whether it be a cooked dish or using them fresh in salads or dips.

The herb planter

Growing herbs in a planter is advantageous for easy accessibility when you need them because the planter can be placed outside the kitchen door or even indoors.

What does need to be remembered is that the smaller the planter the more frequently it will need to receive fertilizer because the plant will be depleting the soil of nutrients more rapidly.

How to choose your planters

Choosing your herb garden planter definitely depends upon the amount of space you have in your outdoor area as well as indoors. Most herbs will grow in more or less any planter so this will not be a problem for you when choosing your planters, except for the more vigorous herbs like the mints.


Herbs can grow separately in a single planter or you could even plant several varieties in a large container. If you plan to choose a large herb garden planter to plant several different varieties then you make sure that they are not overcrowded and that each plant has adequate space to develop and attain its full potential.

Some herbs become extra large when they reach their maturity so be careful to choose your herb garden planter according to the size it might reach. Always remember to place a layer of rocks at the bottom of the planter before you add the soil as this will help to maintain a better drainage system.

Here are a couple of tips for getting started with growing herbs successfully.

1. Decide which herbs you would like to have in your garden.
If you are interested in culinary herbs you will choose differently from someone who is interested in growing medicinal or aromatic herbs.

2. Once you have decided on the purpose of your herb garden then it is time to select which herbs you want to grow. Some of the culinary herbs that grow well in containers are basil, chives, mint, fennel, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and tarragon. Dill is the kind of plant that grows best from seed.  Dill plants tend to be rather short lived.

3. Buy containers with adequate drainage and good compost. Be mindful of the fact that it helps to know which growing zone you live in.

When you begin growing your herbs, you will be surprised by the pleasure it will give you. The scents and flavors will infuse your life.

 Author Resource: Glenn Mast is a successful business owner of a couple websites that offer Amish Handcrafted Products. His sites offer products and information about Amish Made Products & decor for your home, lawn or garden.


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