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  The tinkling sound of a lovely wind chime blowing in the breeze is calming. And a great stress releiver.It's nice to invite guests onto your backyard patio or deck and know the atmosphere will be inviting and fun. There are many reasons that chimes are so great. One reason is that they are a fun and stylish addition with a melody that will liven up any outdoor area. Secondly, there are hundreds of varieties of this type of chime, each with its own unique style and song.Aluminum  Wind Chimes are also weather proof and extremely durable. You may select from great materials such as aluminum and pewter. Purchasing the right chime for your outdoor oasis will be a fun adventure.

Styles of Metal Chimes:  The most popular wind chimes are the tubular variety. Tubular Chimes are probably the most popular wind chime of all. They come in a vast array of styles and sizes to suite any location. This style of chime is made up of several vertically hanging tubes. Each tube lends its own tone. A chime with several different lengths of tubes not only sounds great, but is visually pleasing as well. 

 Metal Chimes are Durable:  Another great aspect of metal chimes is that they're require little maintenance. If the paint on the Chimes has worn slightly over time, this is considered to be the result of daily usage, and there will a charge if the customer wishes to have the the Chime "recoated / painted." However, if the Chime has only been recently purchased and has shown "unusual" chipping in the paint please contact us. Rust is another thing you'll never have to think about with the aluminum metal variety. They are durable and will last you for many years.

These Wind Chimes are intended for outdoor use and will provide years of enjoyment with little or no maintenance. All our chimes now feature recycled (Polywood) composite lumber strikers. Polywood composite lumber is not only environmentally friendly it also creates a softer contact sound when applied to wind chime tuning. These strikers are not subject to drying or cracking and require no maintenance. All our Strings are a UV Treated Polypropylene material, and have an excellent abrasion resistant.

Guarantee:  You expect excellence and so do we, are committed to a very high quality and service commitment, and stand behind everything they manufacture. All Chimes come with a (Lifetime Mfg.Warranty) against defects in materials, workmanship and tuning of the chimes.The "Lifetime Warranty" does not cover lost, stolen, missing parts or daily wear and tear.If you are not 100% satisfied send them back, and the chimes will replaced, no question asked. Lambright Country chimes will supply warranty info on shipment of product. Enjoy.




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