Wind Chimes / A unique statement for today’s lifestyle

Wind Chimes / A unique statement for today’s lifestyle by: Glenn Mast

The modern life can eat up your time and energy, especially if you do not know how to balance work and play. You need to find time to relax, smell the flowers, sing, dance and laugh.

Each of us has our own means of coping or breaking free from the daily pressure and hustles of life. Some find comfort in spending time with their friends and loved ones, while others find sheer pleasure with themselves simply by watching the sunset or walking in the garden. 

A garden is usually one of the havens for comfort, peace, and joy. Merely walking around to watch the flowers or the birds soaring up high can ease your troubles. Aside from the natural work of nature, the soothing effect of your garden or can be made more effective if you adorn it with wind chimes. Chimes can add beauty that can appeal not only to your eyes but to your ears as well, but also make a unique statement about your landscaping decor.

Original wind chimes were made from small metal bells that served as accompaniment during religious ceremonies in ancient China. They were also used as decorations for temples and pagodas of other Asian countries. A wind chime only requires a simple movement to produce the tones. You can move it yourself or hang it on your doors or windows for the wind to sway it. Wind Chimes have gone through plenty of modifications in modern days. Their designs and uses have changed tremendously too.

Today, you find them being used in yards, patios and gardens. It is the wind that is expected to play them as they hung outside. They are made of rods, suspended tubes and other items. Metal, wood, aluminum and other materials that are light in nature are used to design them.

Their construction is done using materials that are waterproof in nature. These materials enable them to be successful in resisting all weathers as they are situated outdoors. The thickness, width and length of the materials used to make the chimes will determine the frequency of the sounds they make. Therefore, a big chime makes a different sound from the sound made by a small chime. Others sound like a particular song because they are hand tuned. 

 The materials should therefore be naturally light to be swayed by a gentle breeze. Sound is produced when the tubes and rods hit against each other when the wind blows.

The use of chimes is mainly providing a variety of tones that are pleasing for relaxation in the garden, lawn or patio. They enable you to hear nature's music. Thus they have a calming, peaceful effect that can drive away stress. They can be quite a nice gift to buy for a dear one too because they are durable and beautiful.

Chimes are of various colors and designs. They add color, beauty and elegance to the garden and so are used as ornaments. There are designs for all seasons and every day enjoyment.


Examples are chimes made for valentine day, Halloween among others. Personal taste dictates the chime an individual chooses.

 Author Resource: Glenn Mast is a successful business owner of a couple websites that offer Amish Handcrafted Products. His sites offer products and information about Amish Made Products & decor for your home, lawn or garden.


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