wagon wheel planter

wagon wheel planter

Make the best soil for your cedar planter boxes:By Glenn Mast

A cedar planter box can create a refined and beautiful ambiance in your backyard. A well cared for cedar planter can convert your garden into an exotic jungle or a peaceful meadow.

However, it's not the planter's job to produce the feel of your yard; it's the healthy, beautiful flowers inside your planter. Sickly or malnourished flowers turn your backyard into a repugnant dump instead of a stylish getaway. The secret to growing a lush and healthy planter box full of gorgeous flowers is regular maintenance and starting off the process with the perfect soil.

If you want your plants to grow up to be as strong as possible, you can't just use whatever soil comes in the bag. To create the finest soil for the plants you want to grow in your cedar planter, you need to combine different types of soil and other ingredients to achieve the best results possible.

It's important to first learn the meanings of different potting soil terminology. Here is a quick reference glossary which defines some common terms used in potting soil recipes, according to Encarta.

SHARP SAND: "Sharp" sand has angular grains, instead of round grains like beach sand would. This sand helps to improve the drainage in your soil.

LOAM: Loam is a very popular potting soil. This mixture is composed of clay, sand, gravel, silt, and other organic matter.

HUMUS: Humus is decayed animal or plant matter. This substance is often formed from compost, and works as a natural fertilizer for your plants.

PEAT MOSS: Peat moss is a dark brown organic material that is made from the partial decay of vegetation in the wetland environments. The benefit of peat moss is its high carbon content.

There are many different potting soil "recipes" that botanists have created, which each benefit certain types of plants. By using the best soil combination for the specific plant you want to grow, you ensure that your flowers will grow in your cedar planter box as quickly and as fast as possible.

 There is a basic general potting soil recipe that is excellent for use with most plants. This soil is made of one part sharp sand, two parts loam, one part leaf mold or humus, and half a part dried cow manure.

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