Best Rated Wind Chimes
Best Rated Wind Chimes

Best Rated Wind Chimes

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Amish Handcrafted Windchimes
Imagine while you are sitting in a beautiful garden enjoying the outdoors, a gentle breeze wafts by and suddenly, the music of heaven fills your garden!

If you want the best windchimes available, we recommend the Amish Handcrafted Metal Windchimes. These windchimes are set apart in every way from all other windchimes.  

We tested the Sapphire Series Hummer windchimes. You can see them and hear an audio sample here

These chimes have a resonance that is deep, full, and mesmerizing. They are made of premium quality aluminum tubing and eco-friendly poly-wood. They come with a lifetime warranty.

The Amish Handcrafted Windchimes have a story behind them. The owner’s cousin purchased a Semi-truck load of aluminum tubing to make aluminum trusses for an RV Manufacturer. The deal fell through. So the cousin wondered what he was going to do with all the material. One day, he saw some windchimes at a flea market which gave him a flash of inspiration to make the tubing into wonderful windchimes. His windchimes are also known across the country as Lambright County Chimes. You can read the entire story here

Today, his dedicated Amish family manufacture these windchimes. Each set is American-made, handcrafted, and quality tested.  When you purchase these windchimes, you support the longstanding values that make America great: lasting quality, personal integrity, and a commitment to excellence.

Amish Handcrafted Windchimes are a must-have for anyone who longs to enjoy moments of serenity in the outdoors.  They remind us of heaven and invite us into peaceful reflection on earth. Every garden needs a set. Every porch and patio needs one, too!

Amish Handcrafted Windchimes are the sound of heaven on earth. You can find them here.
Rating: 5-Stars!  Best!

Yours For The Best!


Mandy Seymour, Managing EditorBest Rated Reviews

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