Garden Lighthouses / Standard w/ std Elect.Ligth
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Garden Lighthouses / Standard w/ std Elect.Ligth
Color - White w/green trimColor - White w/ lite blue trimColor - Taupe w/ green trimColor - Lite blue w/ white trimColor - Grey w/ white trimColor- Dark Green w/ white trimColor - Burgundy w/ white trimrotating beacon light
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This Garden Lighthouses / Standard is handcrafted from a local Amish Craftsman.

This Garden Lighthouses / Standard is made out of MDO (medium density overlay) Wood, witch gives it a smooth finish surface,or Dura Temp Board witch gives it more of a rough finish.The same material that is used on Billboards.This high quality exterior grade plywood gives strength to the piece thus preventing warping.even under the harshest weather conditions.

Every Garden Lighthouses / Standard is primed and painted with the best exterior paints on the market today.This standard lighthouse comes in different sizes and colors. Enhance you're nautical decor or your lawn decor and garden decor with a solar lighthouse.

A Garden Lighthouses / Standard adds a nice touch too any nautical decor and landscaping project.
size - 36" 20”W x 20”W x 36”H
size - 48" 20"W x 20"W x 48"
size - 60" 23"W x 23"W x 60"
Features Benefits
Electric Light STD. Will enhance and beutify your landscaping.
Amish handcrafted Quality - Made in the U.S.A.
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