How To Care For Your Oak Furniture  By: Annie Deakin

We all know home is a relaxing place, where we go at the end of the day to escape from everyday issues. In order to fully relax, your home must be decorated in a calm and soothing way. 

Most people think that the color you paint your room is the only factor in deciding its mood. However this is not true, the furniture you put in your room can also make a huge difference to the mood and atmosphere. 

Choosing wooden furniture can be a difficult job, as there are so many different types of wood to choose from. Oak tends to be looked upon as the best type of furniture wood as it is a very durable and attractive wood that brings a change of atmosphere to a room. 

Oak furniture is perfect for any room of the house as it is possible to get any piece of furniture made from it. Since it is such a versatile and hardy wood it is desirable for any room or item.

As oak is such a versatile wood it comes in many different forms and designs. It can be plain and simple to add an air of sophistication to a room or intricately carved to add a feeling of luxury.

The more intricate items are more popular for bedrooms as it makes the most private place in your home into a luxurious room of relaxation. The design of even the plain items changes dramatically for each piece as it is dependant on the deep grain in the wood.

The nature of the grain makes each item different and unique, adding to the versatility of oak as it can suit any place in the home.

Another reason why oak is such a popular wood is the colour variants, oak furniture can be light or dark and still look beautiful and is therefore much sought after for any room in the house. Oak furniture, as long as it is not oak veneer, can be a very strong material. It does not damage easily and can easily stand constant use and rough treatment.

Scratches can be an issue with oak furniture, as they often stand out and leave unsightly marks. They can however, be easily dealt with at home with a little simple restoration. Restoration of oak is accessible to anyone as it doesn't require any special tools and the methods are easy to learn and put into practice.

To get rid of scratches in your oak furniture all you need to do is use coloured oil to get the scratch to match the rest of the surrounding area.

This is an effective method as it helps to camouflage the scratch. To complete the restoration wax and polish the area and it will look good as new. Water stains can also be a common ailment of oak furniture, but are equally easy to remove. Simply polish the white water mark with a rag soaked in turpentine, rubbing gently to remove any trace of the mark.

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